About Us

We are consultants in the field of Human Resources, Staffing, Recruitment and Trainings. We offer to our clients a wide range of services - starting from evaluating their needs to closing the consultancy cycle.

SimRa Consulting Eastern Europe Ltd. purpose is to find the best solution for all our clients - employers and employees. We believe that each person deserves to feel happy and comfortable when working. Happiness brings higher work motivation, bigger ROI and reduces staff turnover.

We combine different tools for improving the quality of our work when in search for talents. Combining high scientific and technology tools reduces the time and cost per hire.

SimRa Consulting Eastern Europe Ltd. evaluates your needs and gives you the best fit decisions.

We are privately owned company, that builds strong relationships with strategic partners to improve the quality of our services. Finding and offering the best solutions to our clients is our mission.

SimRa Consulting Eastern Europe Ltd. focuses towards all investors who have long-term interests in starting and building their company business in the territory of Bulgaria. We are also offering our services to all companies who already exercise their business in Bulgaria.