The first we start is,
to clear your objectives and needs.

Do you need a talented staff?
Or probably you need to measure your staff capabilities?
And to create a real team?
Or may be you need new and challenging position where to show your talent and to do your best?

We are here and ready to help you with our approach.

Assessment & Development


We use assessment tools to measure our candidates and your future and current employees.

We offer trainings for your team development and retention.

Depending your preferences you can choose online or paper based tools.

We save your time and efforts with our sophisticated and easy to use decisions.



We will help you to invest in dynamic, assertive and capable individuals who are at their best.

We will help you to find interesting and perspective career path.

We use standard recruitment processes or we offer a prescreening of all your applicants.

Recruitment Advertising


You want to stand out of the crowd?

Use our ability to build your brand and your employers face by choosing recruitment advertising service.

The first touch with your employees is your advertisement. Show them that you are their best choice and you will be rewarded as they will stay longer.

Bring your face closer to your best clients - your employees!

Projects Preparation


For our clients who exercise their business at the territory of Republic Bulgaria we offer preparation of projects from the Operational Program for Development of Human Resources.

Show to all your competitors that you are with the best applied educational practice!



Outplacement is a service for clients who plan to optimize their personnel in the moment of temporary problems.



You need confidentiality?

Then we are your answer.